How it works

The Association Engagement Index helps Professional Societies, Individual Member Organizations and Trade Associations evaluate the changing nature of engagement.

By participating in this benchmark study, Associations receive their Engagement Index score and learn:

How engagement is evolving and how customization is impacting members and customers experience
What members and customers consider to be the key drivers of relationship strength
How the opportunities to contribute to your association affect engagement
What resources deliver value and impact engagement the most
What is impacting your relationship with the younger generation
How members and customers assess your overall performance

Engagement methodology

phase 1

Data is collected from members and customers of participating associations by anonymous online survey.

phase 2

The AEI measures the relationship strength based on three key performance indicators as evaluated by members and customers.

Performance: how highly do they rate the association's performance.

Benefit: how do they evaluate the benefits & value provided by the association.

Preference: how much they prefer the association vs. other sources of knowledge content etc.

phase 3

The three key performance indicators define each association’s Index Engagement Score from -50 (very weak) to +150 (very strong).

Participation in the Association Engagement Index is free.


Nov 2023 - Jan 2024

By 31 January Associations register for participation in the 2024 Index.

January 2024

Associations prepare their GDPR compliant members/customers or contacts database. Insidery (MCI’s research partner) provides each confirmed association with its specific link to the member survey.

Jan - Feb 2024

Associations invite their members/customers to respond to the Index survey. Insidery monitors responses and informs associations if reminders are required based on response rate.

March 2024

Insidery gathers results and analyzes key findings.

April 2024

Insidery provides each association with its Engagement Index Fact Sheet. MCI publishes AEI 2024 report and key findings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the definition of engagement?
How does the Association Engagement Index measure engagement?
How much does participation in the Index cost?
What do participating associations receive?
Can participating associations receive a detailed report?
When will the next edition of the Association Engagement Index be published?
What member types and categories, should receive the survey? What is a customer?
Who sends the survey to participating associations’ members/customers?
Can participating associations see the survey before signing up and inviting their members/customers to participate?
By when do associations need to send the survey invitation to their members?
Who collects the data?
What are the obligations of participating associations?


Will the survey link contain our association’s name and branding?
Is input from our members/customers confidential?
How will we know if our members/customers have answered the survey?

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